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September 28, 2021

Top Free Joomla Templates in 2020

When setting up a new site, there are many factors you should consider, such as design, domain name, etc. But the most important is to find the right web engine for your website. It is crucial and must be taken seriously. Its selection must take into account cost, time, quality, flexibility and degree of control. Joomla CMS is used by millions of companies around the world, including respected business corporations, and it meets all these needs. It is called Joomla. In this article we also show you few top free Joomla templates avalaible in 2020.

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The Wrath of Black Hat SEO What Marketers Need To Know

Unlike paid marketing techniques, securing fruitful results from search engine optimization requires immense patience, limitless testing and constantly keeping up with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm updates. Marketers, new to the SEO realm, both unknowingly and willingly, tend to rely on unethical techniques for higher website rankings, boosted traffic and online notability. Little do they know that many techniques that were once common have been added to the ‘black hat SEO’ tag, as well?

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9 Amazing Ecommerce Website Design Examples in 2020

Good Ecommerce Website Design not only pleases the eye, but it also leads to good user conversions. It conveys trust and reliability to the customer. 

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3 Great Tactics to Get More Word of Mouth Referrals

Though it may seem like running a business today requires constant updates to your marketing methods, some marketing strategies and tactics are timeless.  Word-of-Mouth marketing is one such example. In spite of being truly old school, there’s plenty of room for it in a healthy business in 2019.

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Best Choices of Landing Pages for Your Business

Do your landing pages effectively convert visitors into leads, subscribers, or buyers? Implementing a couple of beneficial tips below will aid in bringing more benefits. But if they don’t admirably bring enough sales, it’s high time you think about serious conversion rate optimization.
For an effective landing page, here are ten tips from writing essay online experts. Consider applying them in your online business for better conversion rates.

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Why You Need A Web Development Company. Pros and Cons

Currently, web development is an industry that is tremendously growing in the world. The problem is that most business people don’t know the benefits of these web development firms in the growth of their businesses.

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Designing a Club Website: Include These Must-have Features

Club websites are necessary for any club that wants to attract and retain members. Because of advances in membership software, it’s no longer a requirement to hire a developer or designer to create a club website with robust features. Whether you are hiring a developer to facilitate a smooth process or if you are designing a club’s website yourself, you’ll want to include these features.

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An Ultimate SEO Guide for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner who has started a company to work in the field you have always dreamed of, but instead, you are stuck with understanding and working on 10 different things you had not signed up for? Well, there are a lot of activities for which you can hire employees to work for you but SEO is one such area which can make or break your company hence you should be aware of some basics so that your digital marketer does not take you for a ride, even if you do not want to dig too deep.

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Data Visualization in WordPress: How to Do It

Data visualization involves the conversion of data or information into a graphical form so that users can understand the trends and ideas contained in the information. Various methods that can be used to convert data into a visual form have existed for years now. The number of data visualization tools and libraries has even gone up over the past five years.

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24 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes to Use in 2016

There are so many eCommerce themes out there that you may feel dizzy while searching for the right one. Upon multiple clients’ requests, TemplateMonster revealed their most popular designs for online stores to narrow down your search to only tried and tested solutions. In their roundup, you can find the best WordPress eCommerce themes for a wide range of niches. They include cars, clothes, electronics, food, cosmetics, flowers, medical equipment, cookware, books, and many others. Even if there is no theme related to your specific field, you can adapt any of them to it thanks to their full customizability.

best WordPress eCommerce themes

Integrated with WooCommerce, the themes are supplied with all the essential functionalities to turn your store into a powerful, money-making machine. Here they are.

Responsive Design. These Bootstrap-powered themes are fully responsive and, therefore, suitable for mobile commerce. Not only can responsive design provide an equally optimal experience for users of different devices, but also make your store Google-friendlier.

Sticky Navigation. Being fixed to the header, the menu bar gives a constant access to product categories, wherever the visitor is on the page.

Dropdown Cart. Thanks to this feature, there’s no need to proceed to a new page each time customers want to check all the items in the cart.

Rich Multimedia. You can fill your store with podcasts and videos to show your items in action. With a video product presentation, it’s possible to boost customer engagement.

Product Showcase. What can provide a successful product presentation is a slider, carousel, badges, ratings, easy-to-the-eye palette, and much more. If you need to add some awesome graphics you can use free vectors download search engine.

Customer Interaction. The best WordPress eCommerce themes by TM are supplied with tools to let you interact with customers. A contact form enables visitors to send you an email, newsletter form allows them to subscribe for your store updates, and online chat ensures real-time communication.

Google Map. It allows you to display the location of your store and its branches on an interactive map with a zoom-in effect.

Advanced Animation. These themes utilize advanced animation effects for different purposes. For example, parallax scrolling makes static pages more dynamic, whereas lazy loading minimizes their load times.

WPML-Ready. This is what you need to build a multilingual store and, therefore, sell products on a global scale. The people you reach, the more sales you can make.

Free Lifetime Support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team of professional consultants at virtually any time, 24/7. Consultation is always free, whether a day or a year has passed since you purchased your theme.

Keep in mind that these are the major features of the best WordPress eCommerce themes by TM. Each of them has its own zest to make your store unique, powerful and profitable. Go to MonsterPost and choose a proven solution for your eCommerce project.  After you bought your site template, it’s time to choose the right hosting for your site, check out this hosting feature comparison chart.

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