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January 25, 2022

MilesWeb Review: Get VPS Hosting with Endless Benefits

Is your search still going on? Because MilesWeb is a good recommendation for the web hosting provider.

MilesWeb prioritizes quality over all other factors in web hosting.

We had purchased unmanaged VPS hosting for one of our websites. We got a lot more out of the service than we expected from a web hosting company.

If you wish to use a VPS server but don’t know where to start, we can help. You’re probably utilizing shared hosting right now, or you’re looking into VPS server hosting.

If you’re using shared hosting, you’re well aware that you’ve outgrown the hosting. Resources and server space are limited. Plus, you require additional privacy in shared hosting services because the server space is shared.

With time, privacy becomes increasingly important. Because new websites have lower requirements, a shared server is a good fit for them. As soon as they begin to grow, the needs to increase.

Without a doubt, a shared server is the best option! However, it prevents websites from reaching greater heights. You may lose Google ranking if you wait too long to migrate to a better server.

Visitors’ browsing behavior connects with security. Although shared hosting is secure, it is not as secure as a VPS server. With VPS, you are in complete separation and isolated zone.

How does VPS Work?

A VPS hosting service provides the user with a virtual server. You get access to the entire virtual server for your website. That means you won’t have to share it with anyone else.

The hosting company owns a physical server that is dedicated to creating many virtual private servers. The server is entirely yours and yours alone. You can use the resources as needed and maintain control over server management.

It is not comparable with shared hosting services. You share the server space and resources with a lot of other people when you use shared hosting. However, in VPS, you are the single owner of the virtual server.

You will reside in a private and personal atmosphere in which no other users will be able to disrupt your progress. While when using shared hosting, the performance of your website is affected by the traffic of other users.

There is higher privacy here. You can enjoy your isolation and run a high performing website very smoothly.

Why MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a highly skilled and reliable web hosting firm. They serve thousands of businesses and personal websites every month and help them achieve growth. Uptil now, they have served over 36,000 customers globally. Plus, they are affordable, which is the best thing about them.

You can purchase a cost-friendly VPS server, and you will still get the best quality service. They never compromise on quality due to low prices. With VPS, your website will get better at many things like performance, speed, response time, etc.

MilesWeb VPS Services

MilesWeb has two services – Linux and Windows under its VPS hosting. For Linux and Windows VPS hosting, they provide both managed and unmanaged services. You can choose any based on your needs.

The majority of users opt for managed hosting services. The reason for this could be that they don’t have enough money to hire a server manager. Otherwise, they don’t have the necessary technical abilities or time to operate the server.

In such circumstances, the VPS server is taken care of by the hosting provider.

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting options are ideal if you also want someone to look after the server and assist you in improving your internet presence. They are not as pricey as other hosting companies. After a 25% discount, their VPS plans start from Rs. 630/m.

However, you can benefit from the discount only if you buy any VPS plan for at least one to three years. Otherwise, their standard VPS charges start at Rs. 840/m.

Benefits of MilesWeb VPS Hosting

IP Address – MilesWeb’s VPS hosting options include a single dedicated IP address for your site. You don’t share it with other users as in shared hosting.

Create Multiple Email Accounts – You have the option of creating as many email accounts as you like. These emails will assist you in sending and receiving business-related emails.

Free SSL Certificate – You can get a free SSL certificate with any VPS hosting package. This will safeguard your web content and prevent it from being hacked.

The SSL certificate will also help boost the company’s originality.

Unlimited Website Hosting – With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services, you can host as many websites as you wish. You may also rent out your server space to clients or migrate all of your websites from shared hosting to a VPS server.

High Uptime – You receive guaranteed uptime of 99.99% from MilesWeb. That assures availability and smooth running of your website.


Any web hosting business can provide VPS server hosting. However, finding the best VPS hosting service is difficult. MilesWeb has proven to be the greatest option for VPS hosting services for us. You can count on them for quality, and they will provide experienced assistance at any time.

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