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July 6, 2022

Top 4 mistakes while choosing logo color

A neat logo saves funds and attracts new customers. While a dull, untidy one is just a waste of time and money. Such a logo is sure to repel everyone. It seems that the rule simple and rather understandable. But for some reason, people just keep designing blurred depictions using poorly compatible and dirty colors. Today, we are going to tell what moves always scare away potential customers. 

1. Improper trend vision

Fashion is extremely important nowadays. Trends are useful. They introduce the most stunning solutions and help you to understand your own tastes as well. A combination of ultramodern colors seems to be alluring by default. And that is just the problem here. Should a couple of years pass, all these colors would be just awful and old fashioned. Don’t risk applying toxic colors and neon lighting. It might cost you dear. 

           How to correct that? Study trends and analyze them. There are razor-stylish things that make you ashamed of your choice after some time. Just as there is a noble and perpetual classic that never gets old. There are trends that come and stay, such as minimalism or pastel coloring for instance. Even being outdated, they still retain a vintage touch of nobility and refinement. Oh, and black and white design is another variation of eternal classic. 

2. Wrong message

           As a matter of fact, colors possess meaning too. It is significantly less than you can see in a text but it’s still of utmost importance. Color symbolism is deeply rooted in history and heraldry. People strive for bright colors since immemorial times. It is crucial to combine colors and their shades as each color deliver its own, unique message which might vary from culture to culture though. In European culture, black is a color of mourning. And white is a color of innocence and a new beginning. They prefer white swans and white pigeons, and a bride’s dress must be white too. In Asian cultures things are different. White is a color of mourning and brides are supposed to wear dresses of bright red and yellow colors.  

           How to correct that? Be sure to avoid combinations that don’t fit your branding message. A beauty shop will be okay not only with ubiquitous pink but also with white and most of its shades. However, you should avoid bright colors when it comes to something serious like the bar for instance. Keep in mind that some color combinations are patented by huge corporations and brands nowadays. If you manufacture soda, you avoid red and white logos.

3. Very bad combo

           There are some color combinations that always look dull and poor. The champion here is brown and blue. If you are far from arts and painting, you will never design something worthy using these colors. All of the above holds true for the olive and pink combination. You are far more likely to draw a dirty spot instead of some clear and legible depiction of whatever it might be. And let’s not forget about different screens, devices, and printing-presses. Even if such a combination looks okay on your screen, it still means nothing. It is very likely that customers would see a rather different picture using their devices.  

           How to make it right? Use color circle! It is designed especially for the purpose of color combining which, in turn, leads to a more alluring logo. There are various options of color sequencing. And the color circle makes it easier to visualize the difference. 

4. Lack of ideas

           It is a common sight too. In most cases, people choose only one color (bright green for example), and then they use a slightly darker shade of the same color for lettering. It looks simple and boring. Needless to say that it repels customers too. Obvious color combinations irritate everyone.

           How to make it right? Does it actually worth the effort to try hard and design your own picturesque logo? Of course not! Just about anyone can do it these days using an online generator.

           Turbologo boasts a huge variety of stylish images, fonts, and templates which is designed to help you with finding your own, personal way. You are free to choose between bright and juicy colors, vintage or classical style, and even design a 2021 color pattern in case you see it fit. And color palette by online makers professional designers would increase your chances by a lot! Color combinations that had stood a test of time just never get old. Feel free to browse countless options using an online logo generator!

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