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July 6, 2022

The Best Network Marketing Success Tips In 2020

Do I have to turn my newsfeed into an infomercial for my network marketing company?  Do I need to post all about the products to get sales?  How do you grow your network marketing  business online without talking about your product or opportunity  and even without bugging your friends on social media?  Well…that’s exactly what we’ve being doing at SaleSource and I’m excited to share this knowledge with you in this article. 

If you’re a network marketer who’s looking to get more customers and recruit  more reps without having to hound your family and friends online and even without sacrificing  your life by messaging people all day, then keep on reading.

How do you grow your network marketing business online without talking about your  product or opportunity? 

If you’re being taught that the products are a no-brainer. They sell themselves.  Or saying things like, “it’s a ground floor opportunity, get in now.”  Well, these tactics don’t actually work and truth is…most ground floor opportunities  never even get off the ground.

So here’s how you do this.  First, you should position yourself as an authority.  Notice I didn’t say, “position yourself as an expert.”  So let’s say I’m in a health and wellness network marketing company.  And, so a few simple online marketing strategies I would use are doing things like Facebook Lives,  writing blog posts, maybe starting a podcast, or even doing YouTube videos that provide value 

But what most people don’t understand is that you don’t have to market the product to sell  it. I repeat, you do NOT have to market the PRODUCT  to sell the product. 

So, if I wanted to recruit people into my network marketing business. I would use those internet marketing strategies mentioned earlier (FB Live, YouTube, Podcast)  and give tips around losing weight or getting in shape, such as meal preparation, low calorie  alcoholic beverages to stay on track, different exercises or home-based workouts, and then  at the very end, I would use a “call to action” to either get people in my inbox asking for  more information or on my email list where they can get more information as well. 

So here’s an example used by Ray Higdon of what that might look like on a Facebook Live…  “Hey. By the way, if you like health and wellness like I do and maybe you’d like to make some  extra money from it, feel free to reach out to me!”  That call to action at the end of your video would obviously get people in your inbox who  like health and wellness and are looking for a way to make some extra money. Pretty easy  to understand, right? 

But hey, maybe you don’t want to use these ridiculously easy online marketing ideas to  recruit in network marketing and you just want to sell more products and get more customers.  Okay, so again…give valuable tips and your call to action at the end could be. “Hey. Here’s my #1 secret for losing weight and keeping it off  for good, feel free to reach out to me!”  That is such a simple way to get people in your inbox and having a conversation before  pointing your prospect to a tool that explains your product or opportunity best. 

And look, even if you want to point them to your lead magnet or funnel to grow your business  in network marketing online, just use the same “call to action” strategy.  “If you’ve enjoyed these tips, go to myawesomewebsite,com and go grab my free download to teach you  10 easy and affordable ways to drop the stubborn baby weight fast without going to the gym  or cutting out wine.”  Pretty simple stuff. And do you see how you never mentioned your  product or business opportunity once?  Do you think people might look at you a little differently by giving value and these online  marketing tips? Rather than spamming corporate photos and  company links? 

How would you like to have people reaching out to you?  Without ever mentioning your products or company on social media?  This is a way to create a brand around you, not your company or products.  More importantly, this is a way for leaders like you and I, to teach our teams how to  market our business the right way So we can help them get more customers and  more reps who want to build the right way too. 

And just make MLM better.  In my opinion, it’s not the network marketing business model that’s wrong.  Because I make money in MLM and so does my team.  It’s the annoying strategies being taught by crap uplines who need fixing.  And hey look, if you’re thinking “I’m not credible enough to give tips…who’d listen  to me?” Or “how do I come up with good content that  people will actually love?” 

You have to start somewhere; Rome was not built in a day. Hope this was helpful and good luck in your future marketing endeavours.

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