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May 21, 2022

9 Amazing Ecommerce Website Design Examples in 2020

Good Ecommerce Website Design not only pleases the eye, but it also leads to good user conversions. It conveys trust and reliability to the customer. 

One of the best success stories for this is Shopify. It gained popularity because of its superior website design. 

So, how about you? Are you trying to design a new E-commerce website or tweak the existing ones for better conversions? Either way, we have shortlisted 9 best Shopify stores to get you inspired.

1. Simply Chocolate

As the name suggests, this website is about chocolates. 

They sell authentic chocolates.

As soon as you open their website you see the change in color according to flavor. That is so pleasing to the eye. 

Each animation emulates the actual unwrapping of chocolate. They display infographics about the chocolates along with the unwrapped chocolate. It hovers around your screen, entices you to have one.

This is the best example of how you can create visuals for physical products by showing its physical form and use. 

Rex Vintage Store

Rex Vintage Store is into selling curated edit of handpicked vintage womenswear. 

The clothing line is of the postmodern era. 

You can figure out what they are into vintage stuff from the outset. The site opens with a vintage theme video of people on the streets. It focuses on their clothes and colors of nearby objects. 

The whole website sports a retro look and takes you back to the ’90s. It is evident from the style of font used to highlight the shop name. The font style looks like spray-painted graffiti. A single click on it takes you to the main website of the shop to their clothing collection.

Mature Cannabis

Mature cannabis is an online shop producing swiss cannabis.

They sell legal natural weed and joints.

They are selling natural weed for four types of mood. They highlight this through animation on their site. It has an immaculate look with basic colors used to describe different moods. 

The transitions and animation are simple yet attractive. The design of the site is such that it imparts a feel-good factor that compels you to look more into it. 

The site loads faster, and transitions are pretty amazing to back up their product.

Just Away

Just Away provides cleaning solutions for your AirPods.

They sell a cleaning kit for AirPods. It contains 5x Cleaning paste, 4x Alcohol wipes, 1x Spudger.

Their product is very different from others. So, they have cleared all confusion from the outset. 

Their site design is very straightforward with high definition images. Their color schemes comprise only three colors white, black, and orange. The design is more functional and focuses on minimalism rather than an extravagance.

Prime Ambassador

Prime Ambassador is a premium watch brand selling luxury men’s and women’s wristwatches. 

The website design is immersive and very engaging user experience. 

Despite the simplicity, you feel a sense of luxury. 

The historical anecdotes through a pictorial representation along with features look good. The reason for this is to give an understanding of the rich history of the watches. 

The watch represents a certain class and professionalism. The website tries to follow that with a much more mature approach to the site design.

Backpacking Tours

It is a travel planning website for solo travelers. 

The website enables them to meet new people and socialize through traveling.   

Their website design style focuses on enthusiasm.  They inspire travel through outdoor life images and videos. 

A running video of beaches, parties, nightlife, nature walks allure you to travel. They have pretty cool animations, with detailed tour plans. 

Furthermore, when you scroll down, you get to see adventure-themed photographs and videos. The UI design is quite engaging and incites you to travel.


Google is selling its much-hyped smartphones Pixel through this website.  

The first thing that you notice immediately is simplicity. The design of the website is such that the aesthetics look pleasing to the eye. 

The use of simple color tones with seamless transition makes it exciting. As you slide down a pixel pops up, these transitions look good and keeps the user experience smooth. 

They back up the features by a video or photo. It allows the buyer to understand the functionality better. 

The site contains a lot of information. But it never feels heavy on the user and provides a smooth user experience. It makes your stay at the website a pleasant one.


CHAMBA sells handcrafted ceramics and kitchen essentials made by Columbian artisans. 

The site opens up with a picture of their handcrafted ceramic with a clean and simple design. 

Simple transitions and fewer animation suits well with the type of product. There is some call to action tabs to address the user queries and help them buy. 

There are also blogs related to the story behind Columbian ceramics. It establishes an emotional connection with the audience.


Penarosa watches make customizable premium ladies’ wrist wears.  

Their site design portrays exclusivity with top models endorsing the watch. 

The site opens with a high definition portrayal of fashionable wear. The transition is pretty smooth with eye-catching watch designs and colors to top it off. 

The design is seamless and minimalistic. It isn’t loaded with information with more emphasis on graphic presentation. 

The ever-changing colors of watches on the website is to display variety. The infographics are vibrant and vivid, giving an immersive user experience.


The design of the sites in today’s time is changing. They are becoming more efficient by focusing on user experience.

The competition between the brands is on the rise. The focus is on attracting customers. 

The world is becoming more tech-savvy, so are the cutting edge design.

Do you know for some amazing ecommerce websites that we should add in the list? Please let us know by commenting it below. 

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