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May 21, 2022

Data Visualization in WordPress: How to Do It

Data visualization involves the conversion of data or information into a graphical form so that users can understand the trends and ideas contained in the information. Various methods that can be used to convert data into a visual form have existed for years now. The number of data visualization tools and libraries has even gone up over the past five years.

WordPress is one of the best tools that you can use to communicate your ideas and concepts better to your readers. The focus here is to use the data presented in a visual form to pass on information rather than just dumping the data to your website visitors.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can do data visualization in WordPress.

Ways in Which Data Can Be Visualized in WordPress

Simple charts and graphs

Doing simple charts and graphs is one of the simplest ways in which you can begin your data visualization with WordPress. You can either do a pie chart or bar graph. In the end, you are assured that your readers will comprehend whatever information you are trying to communicate with ease.

Under the simple charts and graphs, data can be visualized in the form of line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, and area graphs. Pie charts and bar graphs can be used to do comparisons between various groups over time, while line and bar graphs can be used to show changes between groups over time.

Comparison tables

When you are comparing various entities, using comparison tables to visualize data is the best way to pinpoint crucial variations between the entities. If, for instance, you are comparing two plugins, tables can be great as they assist the reader in picking the best tool with ease. Readers can easily note differences in the various functionalities of the tools.


Pictorials usually involve visualizing data in both graphical and chart forms. This way, data is enhanced by putting an additional image or icon connected to the information being communicated into the chart presentation.


For a while, infographics have been used as a link development strategy, but can also be of assistance in creating data visualization stories. With Infographics, you can visualize your data using several data visualization methods all flowing together to convey the same information. Data visualization experts from service providers like can help you present your data in multiple visual forms.

Timeline with events

Timelines with event visualization use both line and area graphs with particular events. Here the focus is not only communicating the changes that have happened with time, but also marking the specific events on the presentation that caused the changes.

Map visualizations

When it comes to communicating data on a particular location, map visualization is the best way to do so. With maps, you can easily highlight the data density of a particular geographic location. A location can be shaded with a particular colour with each colour representing a specific factor or numerical range.

WordPress Data Visualization Plugins and Tools


Infogram rose to popularity more than it was expected to as soon as it was introduced to the market. Since its introduction, almost five million infographics have already been created. The rise in popularity is attributed to the fact that you can present your data in several ways with Infogram.

Infogram comes with a collection of over 30 unique charts. You can create bars, pictorials, pies, lines, areas and many other presentations. Infogram also allows you to edit your data using the Infogram editor. You can import data from Google drive, XLS, CSV, and XLSX and then paste it directly.


The Visualizer plugin is a WordPress data visualization tool that you can use to create charts, tables, and graphs on the WordPress dashboard. Visualizer comes with a selection of 12 different charts and graphs ranging from simple line graphs and pie charts to more advanced visualizations like scatter plots.

Data can be uploaded directly to WordPress using excel, Google sheets, or CSV. Visualizer also comes with an option for automatic data synchronization so that your charts and graphs can be regularly updated. The best way you can include charts and graphs on your existent WordPress content is by using Visualizer.


This is a WordPress visualization tool usually used by journalists when reporting on visualized data. You can still use this tool to create charts for your WordPress site even if you are not a journalist. You can create bar, pie, and area graphs or charts. Datawrapper allows you to build a single chart or map for free per month. A paid plan goes for 29 Euros per month.


This is a cloud-based tool that enables you to create customized infographics. The charts that you can create with the visualizer plugin display to-the-point information, but with Adioma, you have extra flexibility regarding design. Once you install it, you get a seven-day free trial. A paid plan goes for $39 per month.

It is critical to think about the message you are communicating first before focusing on your chart or infographics design too heavily. As much as the design matters, the message should always come first. A good visualization is one which is not stuffed with data. Aim at keeping your data in the simplest form as it will help you pass your information on accurately.

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