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May 25, 2022

98 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 Approved by Top Bloggers

Are you searching for the plugins that would make your WordPress blog user-friendlier and more functional? Take an exclusive opportunity to consult the experts. The team of TemplateMonster got in touch with owners of popular WordPress blogs to find out what plugins are installed in their admin panels. While some of them decided to keep that info in secret, 14 bloggers revealed the functionalities of their resources. As a result, TM compiled a list of 98 of the best WordPress plugins 2016.

best WordPress plugins 2016

The blogs that gave an insight into their back-ends include CodeinWP, FlyWheel, ShoutMeLoud, TorqueMag, WebAppers, WinningWP, WPBeginner, WPDailyThemes, WPKube, WPLift, WPMayor, WPMU Dev Blog, WPSuperstars, and WPTavern. In addition to them, MonsterPost also unveiled the plugins installed in its dashboard. For easier browsing through the list of 98 best WordPress plugins 2016, it is divided into two groups. Each group is also subdivided into categories by purposes. Here they are.

Plugins Used More Often Others

  • Site Performance Optimization WordPress Plugins
  • Navigation WordPress Plugins
  • Security WordPress Plugins
  • Comments WordPress Plugins
  • Contact Form WordPress plugins
  • Email WordPress Plugins
  • Social Media WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins for Other Purposes (e.g., SEO, editorial calendar, and push notifications)

Plugins Used by Individual Blogs

  • Content Optimization WordPress Plugins
  • Plugins to Preview Post Drafts
  • Similar Posts WordPress Plugins
  • Plugins for a More Effective Work with Authors
  • Caching WordPress Plugins
  • Social Media WordPress Plugins
  • Productivity Optimization WordPress Plugins
  • SEO Optimization WordPress Plugins
  • Redirect WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins to Manage Code
  • Notifications WordPress Plugins
  • Dashboard Management Plugins
  • Email Service WordPress Plugins
  • Security WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins to Manage Commercials
  • Plugins for Affiliate Marketing
  • WordPress Plugins for Ready Made Forms
  • WordPress Search Plugins
  • Other (for sticky widgets, polls, ratings, backup, meta slider, etc)


As you can see, the choice of the best WordPress plugins 2016 is really wide and embraces multiple purposes. What makes them especially cool is that they’ve been approved by the top bloggers. It means you can use only tried and tested solutions on your blog. So, proceed to the TemplateMonster post with the top WP plugins and choose. Good luck!

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