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May 25, 2022

Infographic of Purple Color in Web Design: Add Creativity to Your Site

Here is a new piece of creativity from the series of Color Psychology Infographics. Today, you can discover the power of purple and find out how to use it to the maximum benefit for your projects. So, let’s examine the Infographic of Purple Color in Web Design in detail.

In general, purple is a mix of incentive red and soothing blue. It is also known as the color of the crown chakra connected with the nervous system. This chakra is the center of inspiration, that’s why purple often brings up associations with spiritual and creative concepts.

Speaking about web design, purple is the right choice to build an engaging interface with notes of sophistication and extravagancy. Use this color to promote services of premium quality and luxury items such as antiques and jewelry.

Creating a color scheme of your site, you should also keep in mind gender preferences. Purple is the color appealing to the fair sex, that’s why it is commonly used in designs of fashion and beauty sites. For example, if you are retailer of anti-ageing cosmetics, consider this color as the main one of your online store. While purple delights the majority of women, men mainly dislike it, except for its dark shades.

Now let’s focus on age preferences. Both preadolescents and adults enjoy purple. People of 18-25 years old consider this color as a symbol of sexuality and rebellion, which makes it a widespread option in designs of entertainment and night club sites.

Just like other colors, purple comes in a variety of shades, e.g. lavender, lilac, mauve, amethyst, etc. Different shades signify different concepts. For example, lavender is related to sensitivity, whereas amethyst symbolizes mystery.

Look through the checklist of the key points highlighted in the Infographic. Here they are:

  • associations purple brings up;
  • websites this color is popular, unpopular and questionable for;
  • shades of purple and their meanings;
  • mixes of purple with other colors;
  • target audience of this color;
  • use of purple in eCommerce;
  • purple meanings around the world;
  • sources used to compile the Infographic.


Now, go directly to the Infographic of Purple Color in Web Design.

color psychology infographics

* * *

As a final word, we’d like to remind you that the series of Color Psychology Infographics by TemplateMonster has overviews of red and green in web design besides purple. What’s more, the Infographic revealing the power of orange is soon to come, so make sure you won’t miss it.

You are welcome to express your viewpoint about the Infographic of Purple Color in Web Design. Your word is of utmost value for us! Don’t forget to share the Infographic with your friends in social networks. They may be also curious to learn about the impact of purple and other colors on the human mind.

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