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May 25, 2022

Infographic of Green Color in Web Design: How to Benefit from This Color

TemplateMonster goes on with the series of Color Psychology Infographics, and today you are offered to learn about the use of green in web design. Due to its powerful impact on viewers’ minds, green is the second most used color for call-to-action elements after red. The latter can also be explored in the previous Infographic released by TM not long ago.

Green presents a blend of blue and yellow, thus borrowing positive qualities of yellow and tranquility of blue. The color is dominant in various corners of our settings, from the world of nature to monetary units. Speaking about the sphere of design, green is a choice of everyone who needs an eye-friendly solution to provide a pleasant visual experience on the site.

There are many shades of green, each of which symbolizes its own aspect, e.g. growth, stability, confidence, peace, etc. Using green shades on your site, you can stir up certain emotions of visitors and, therefore, manage their actions on a subconscious level. Eventually, it can lead the increase of conversion and the sum of the green on your bank account.

Now, let’s check a preview of the Infographic of Green Color in Web Design. It reveals the following issues:

  • what mental associations green brings up in the mind;
  • what niches are favorable and unfavorable for green;
  • what UI elements are appropriate for green coloring;
  • what meanings are conveyed by different shades of green;
  • what colors are the best options to mix green with;
  • why people of both sexes like green;
  • what eCommerce sites are suitable for green coloring;
  • what purposes are ideal to use green for.


If you are interested in some of these issues, study the Infographic of Green Color in Web Design, and you will definitely find the answers to your questions.

color psychology infographics

* * *

As you can see, this Infographic of Green Color in Web Design is a checklist of the major points related to the use of green. If you know any other curious facts about it, especially in the eCommerce field, drop a line in the comments to this article, please. The next artwork of the Color Psychology Infographics by TemplateMonster is reportedly to highlight the power of violet in web design. So, stay tuned!

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