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May 28, 2022

Refresh Your Website Design with Pintex – New Generation Joomla Template

TemplateMonster is going to bring innovative changes to its Joomla templates that have been developed since 2007. This initiative will allow for dramatic expansion of their functional capabilities to enhance user experience. On the eve of those updates, the company has released Pintex, a new generation Joomla template packed with much more functionalities than its predecessors. Let’s examine them.

First of all, it’s worthwhile to mention that Pintex comes with 11 extra pages in addition to standard ones such as About, Blog, Contacts pages. They include:

  • Pricing. This page lets customers find out the costs of your services.
  • Careers. Highlighting job offers and featuring a contact form, this page will contribute to your recruiting campaign.
  • FAQ. This database will deprive you of the necessity to answers the same questions on a regular basis.
  • Forum. Powered by the Kunena module, it will assist in building a loyal online community to drive more traffic and add more useful content to your site.
  • Our Team. It is meant to introduce your workers with their photos, positions, and social media accounts.
  • Site Map. Showing the website structure, it largely facilitates the content browsing experience.
  • History. This page features a timeline with the stages of your company’s progress.
  • Testimonials. With customers’ feedback, your site will look more reliable to the audience.
  • Portfolio. Use it to arrange your projects in one place and let customers filter them by different categories, e.g. name, date, and rating.
  • Elements. Here are multiple graphic elements for convenient representation of your content, including pricing tables, counters, progress bars, accordions, lists, etc.
  • Template Settings. On this page, you will the info on using the functionality of Pintex.


Besides the Kunena module mentioned above, Pintex is pre-built with many other tools that provide users with a lot of opportunities. Look through some of them below:

  • showing articles in columns, sidebars, etc. (Articles Newsflash, Articles Single);
  • commenting posts and assigning ratings to them (Komento);
  • displaying images in sliders, galleries, carousels (JoomGallery, Image Swoop and CarouFredSel);
  • communicating with customers (TM Olark, Acymailing, TM Ajax Contact Form);
  • driving traffic from social networks (TM Addthis, Joomla Social Login, SW Facebook Display, SW Pinterest Display, SW Twitter Display, TM Instagram);
  • marking the company’s location on an interactive map (Googlemap Plugin);
  • changing the palette according to your corporate style (Color Switcher).


To sum it up, Pintex also combines three must-have features of today, particularly responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO friendliness. These traffic-driving techniques are unlikely to go out of date any time soon. With all the functionalities and visual appeal, this new generation Joomla template is a worthy option to consider for refreshing your website. Give it a chance, and you will experience all of its benefits yourself.



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