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May 23, 2022

Represent Your Business with Free Responsive Corporate Template

Today, a website serves as a virtual business card bringing the company’s main goals to the focus of the public attention. And its appearance is a critical factor that determines whether a company will make it or break it on the market. To help you look professional on the web, TemplateMonster has developed Free Responsive Corporate Template. Use it to build your site, and you will easily expand the scope of your business.

This brand new theme is based on one of the most popular trends of modern web design, i.e. simplicity and unclutteredness. In such a way, visitors can concentrate their attention on your content, with nothing to distract them from it. In addition to the clean layout, there are some other aspects that present information in an easily perceivable and visually attractive manner. They include a blend of red and white, clear fonts, full-width images, Camera JS & Owl Carousel sliders, and a trendy parallax effect.

When people show up on your site, they will be intuitively guided to the main content area with the help of large titles, ghost buttons and some other graphic accents. Thanks to the red header and footer, the overall design of the theme feels powerful and dynamic. Located in the footer, social media icons allow readers to share your content with their friends in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. To ensure more convenient navigation, the template has a fixed header. It keeps a logo and menu in view when visitors scroll through the layout.

View a live demo of this Free Responsive Corporate Template to find out how your site will look and act with its assistance. Keep in mind that your feedback is always welcome.



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