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May 23, 2022

Free HTML5 Theme: Perfection of Web Design Studio Sites

When designers’ flight of fantasy reaches a dead point, they can’t work wonders with their projects and, therefore, it’s challenging for them to create something memorable. If you are searching for a spark of inspiration, you’ve come across the right place. We try hard to keep our readers abreast of the latest updates in web design to help them add a touch of creativity to their works. A free HTML5 theme presented here will come in handy for everyone who needs to stimulate their imagination. You can use it either as a starting point of your new project or as a spur to continue their work on the existing one.

This uncluttered theme accomplished in the effortless style represents the main trends of modernism. A combination of minimal aspects, blurred images, ghost buttons, and negative space add a cutting-edge look to it. Designers striving for perfection will not remain indifferent about this product, as it can polish up various projects, particularly architecture, art & photography, exterior & interior design, web design studios, and many others. To highlight its visual power, developers applied a technique of pointed edges to the front page and made it in black and white.

A well-coded nature of this theme gives an opportunity to perform any experiments. You can modify it according to your needs without worrying about its look in browsers, as it features cross-browser compatibility. People who show up on your website will appreciate its easy navigation provided by back-to-top buttons and a drop-down menu. Another eye-catching element of the theme is Featured Projects block created via iHover. If you want to add zest to your project with the help of a hover effect, this code will be of great use.

Try out this free HTML5 theme with a clean layout, and you’ll be able to experience all of its benefits in no time.



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