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May 23, 2022

Long Shadow Trend in 5 Free Facebook Covers

What do you think about Flat Design? Do you like the trend? Our congratulations as today it is really popular one. Leave far behind florid style and glossy buttons. It is the very time to discover “Long shadow”.

Long shadows were often used in photography to create some sort of high-drama effect. This time long shadow mirrors an object at a 45-degree angle (mostly) and adds an emphasis. Today it features:

  • simple shapes
  • clean lines
  • bright & vibrant color scheme


Below you can find 5 Free Facebook Covers in Long Shadow design trend. They are not only bright examples, but the goodie you are welcome to get right away! The themes are targeted at the following Facebook pages:

  • eCommerce Store
  • UX Portfolio
  • Freelance Job Portal
  • Stock Photo Bank
  • Travel Adviser


The covers are aimed to represent your business page in a light and clear manner. Discover the attraction of long shadows in the examples of logo placed on these covers.

Free Facebook Cover for eCommerce Store

The three dimension effect is reached thanks to the long shadow use, still the design is flat. Looks modern and invites to learn more about the e-shop.

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Free Facebook Cover for UX Portfolio

A flip page and bright colors unity is one more great solution to create an eye-catching logo. Do you deal with UX design? This will suit, no doubts.

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Free Facebook Cover for Freelance Job Portal

If you need to be noticed and singled out, the cover will help you. Easy on the eyes it perfectly combines its simple design and ability to attract. Nice design for a job portal.

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Free Facebook Cover for Stock Photo Bank

Green color and photos piled one above the other – that is the cover you need if you offer stock photos for web designs. Any Element can be changed in accordance with your needs. Just get the PSD file and modify it yourself.

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Free Facebook Cover for Travel Adviser

What else can be so good associated with traveling as a map? Enriched with long shadow it looks really cute and up to dates.

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Follow the link to get 5 Free Facebook Covers in .PSD format. Add them to your page and turn it into a modern reflection of your online business.

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