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May 21, 2022

Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographics

Infographics is one of the most attractive ways to present lots of information in an easy for perception manner. Good visual examples will be quickly remembered and will create strong associations. During last years infographics became really popular, but, nevertheless, it can bore the audience. Too much information even represented by means of images and bright colors can’t compel attention for a long time. Static pictures lack motion or it would be better to say lacked motion because today we are glad to propose you Interactive Infographics.
Flash, jQuery or HTML5 powered animation will present needed information independently or as a reaction to users clicks, scrolls or hovers.  We offer you a Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographics where you will find useful material about Responsive Web Design added  with 15 blog articles, 5 quotes, 11 free PDF books, Google recommendations, 65 tutorials, 20 plugins, 19 tools and some examples of Responsive Website Templates.

You are welcome to follow the road where each cell has some specific symbol: a light bulb, book, quotes, graduate’s hat and toolkit icon – click and discover what is hidden there! Below you can see a static version of the Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographics , you should follow the link to discover a full one. Start right now and enjoy this absorbing and informative trip!

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