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May 23, 2022

Free Web Templates (One-Page Layouts)

Usually we review Free Web Templates that have multiple pages (a homepage, an about page, a contact page), and today we’d like to showcase something different. So, what about a list of one-page layouts? Actually, these are free web templates that have only one page. Still, this one page offers the same functionality you can expect from a multi-page layout. By with we mean that most one-page web templates include a few areas such as an introduction, a portfolio, a contact form, etc. If you’d like to navigate the one-page layout you should scroll up or down. It’s that easy, no jumping from one page to another and no chance for your visitors to get lost in the website content.

Here you’ll find 7 Free Web Templates or it’s better to call them one-page layouts. So you can choose the free template you like most and use it for a personal website or an online portfolio. Of course, the best part about the one-page templates listed below is that each of them is free. If you’d like to get one template or another simply click on the screen-shot and learn how to download the layout.

Free Web Template #1

One Page Layout

Free Web Template #2

One Page Template

Free Web Template #3

free web template

Free Web Template #4

One Page Layout

Free Web Template #5

free One Page Layout

Free Web Template #6

One Page template

Free Web Template #7

free One Page Layout

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